Eye Disease Treatments

Are you facing a debilitating eye disease? Make no mistake about it, your vision is precious. It is your window to the outside world and it is important that you do not ignore potential eye diseases. At Midtown Miami Eye Center, we truly care about quality and wellness of your vision. We understand that dealing with an eye disease can be stressful and even debilitating, but we are here to provide you with the right diagnosis, medication and plan to deal with your eye disease. How do you know if you have an eye disease?


The first signs of an eye disease are impaired vision. At a higher levels, the disease may cause severe pain that may require urgent medical attention. Whatever symptoms you feel, please allow us the opportunity to diagnose your eyes. Most of our eye disease treatments are aimed to simply reduce inflammation but they can also escalate to correcting traumatic injuries or even possibly saving your eyesight. Whatever the case, our highly skilled and experienced optometrists are here to help.


There are four main categories of eye disease treatments depending on your specific situation.


Prescription lenses: These are the most basic form of specialized treatment for eye diseases. Lenses are used most of the time to correct basic eye defects but new technologies have allowed prescription lenses to be an option to avoid medications or even surgery. The right lenses could potentially help improve eyesight, visual acuity and even reduce pain.


Eye Medications: these diverse drugs are used to treat eye diseases via prescribed pills, creams or liquids such as artificial tears that can be purchased over the counter. This help to improve the problem of extreme dry eyes. Other medications are used to address other short-term difficulties characterizing the eyes such as cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, etc.


Direct Treatment of eye conditions: Conditions like diabetes can affect the eyes in many ways, but diabetic medications may counteract with eye medications. In this case it may be appropriate to directly treat or manage the eye defect to immediately improve eye sight along with the patient managing their over-all health.


Eye Surgery: If your eye disease is severe, a surgery might need to be considered. Depending on the severity of your situation, the operation could be minor or major. For example repairing a tear of the cornea can be considered a minor or major operation depending on the severity of the tear. The good news is that there has been a lot of development in recent times in the area of eye medicine including surgery. Some eye surgeries provide faster recovery times. Depending on the severity of your eye problem or disease, we may recommend that you go to another eye specialist who handle more specific operations.


Are you facing a debilitating eye disease? Midtown Miami Eye Center is here to improve your eyes. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced eye specialists or book an appointment now.

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