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Do you need specialized lenses or custom lenses? Whether for eyeglasses or contacts, Midtown Miami Eye Center offers same-day lenses right at our office. We use the latest tools, technology and speed to provide you with your specific prescription within 24 hours of your exam. Our specialized custom lenses have a special or unique design tailored to your prescription. there aren’t many local optometrists who can provide same-day custom lenses, but we are one of them right in your backyard. If you are interested, contact us today to get started


Aside from custom lenses, we also offer a variety of lens products to help improve, sanitize or extend the life of your current eyeglasses or contact lenses. From frames to liquids to ointments to wipes to cases and everything in between. Our location offers a wide array of lens products from the most trusted brands in the industry. We also offer free samples of some items that we feel will work best for your specific regimen.


At Midtown Miami Eye Center, you can rest assured that we offer the the largest inventory of lens products from the most trusted brands. We also provide excellent custom special lens solutions not matter your specific prescription or vision situation. Contact us today or book an appointment now.

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