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Set your eyes free indeed! Lasik is a Laser-assisted surgery designed to give you 20/20 vision without the need for contact and glasses. Lasik is intended for those who want to eliminate their dependence on glasses or contacts. Due to industry enhancements, it is now used as a quick correction procedure. It helps to address conditions like myopia  as well as astigmatism. The surgery involves the use of a micro-surgical tool coupled with a laser to reshape the cornea. What once seemed impossible is now possible with Lasik.


One important thing to consider is that Lasik is not for everyone. Before you can get the surgery, you must first be eligible. The lifestyle of a patient, their job, hobbies and the specific eye corrections they need are the factors to consider before an eligibility determination can be made. You can trust Midtown Miami Eye Center to provide you with the best and most honest Lasik evaluation.


Since proper evaluation must be carried out before you undergo any procedure, why not allow the experts at Midtown Miami Eye Center due your Lasik evaluation? After-all, our optometrists have earned many Fellowships and experience over the last few decades in the Lasik evaluation process. We will evaluate you and then answer any questions and concerns you may have regarding the surgery. Once you have been approved for eligibility, we can recommend the best Lasik surgeons in the state.


We always encourage our patients to research any surgery first just to make sure they are making the best decision. Especially when it comes to their eyes. If you do decide to get Lasik surgery performed, you will be able to go about your normal activities the very next day! However we still advise patients to go home first, take a nap for some hours and then continue their daily routine afterward with no time lost. Considering Lasik surgery? Call us today or book your your Lasik evaluation now.

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