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Contact lenses are a great alternative to eyeglasses. Contact lens technologically has improved over the last few decades to the point where you can hardly feel them. You may not be aware that if you are suffering from eye diseases which forbid you from using contacts in the past such as myopia, dry eye and astigmatism, there are now contact lenses that are available for you with unique styles and colors to boot!


Some people focus on contact lenses for a more stylistic reasons than comfort. The fact remains that the purpose of using contact lenses is greatly reduced if they can’t correct the specific eye defect you are experiencing. At Midtown Miami Eye Center, our first consideration for our patients is optimal eye health, then style.


We then provide specific types of lenses which will properly fit your eyes and not compromise your vision in any way. Whether daily or monthly lenses, we work with the leading brands providing hundreds of styles, colors, combinations of diameter and curvature that will provide you with the most comfortable and stylistic look. It is our duty at Midtown Miami Eye Center to properly analyze your eye’s physiology and your eyesight to help provide the best contact lens that fits you.


Midtown Miami Eye Center also provides lens samples for you to take home so you can test them out during your daily activities and decide if it will suit your every need. If you choose monthly lenses, our facility offers the latest industry standard products to clean, store and disinfect your contact lenses so they last as long as possible at our facility. You will also be given instructions on several safe ways to take care of your lenses to prevent contamination. Don’t forget that you can avoid the whole lens care process by using daily disposable contact lenses which we also offer. This is suitable for some who tend to react to specific chemicals or those who prefer a more hands off approach to contact lens care.

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