Midtown Miami Eye Center has proudly provided comprehensive eye care to the residents of Miami-dade County. Our optometrists specialize in complete eye exams which assesses your visual needs and eye health, as well as prescription exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, treatments of eye diseases, Lasik evaluations, Sclera evaluations and more.  Whether for a routine eye check up or specialized treatment of vision problems, we take pride in providing our patients with top quality eye care.

Are you dealing with a vision problem that hasn’t been correctly diagnosed? Our skilled optometrists are trained with the latest technology and tools to correctly diagnose many potential eye diseases or conditions such as ocular allergies, conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. One our most effective tools is Optos imaging, which takes photos of the back part of your eye, to help make a better diagnosis. Contact us or Book your appointment now.

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    Eye Care Services

    Complete Eye Exams

    We offer Miami's best eye exams to help maintain eye health and optimal vision.

    Contact Lenses

    Midtown Miami Eeye Center helps you choose the right perscription contact lenses for you.

    Fashion Eyeglasses

    Find those perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that fit your face shape and style.

    Eye Disease Treatments

    Expert treatments and evaluations designed to enhance or save eyesight from diseases.

    Lasik Evaluations

    Considering Lasik surgery? Our experienced optometrists provide you with thorough lasik evaluations.

    Lens Products + Same Day Lenses

    We offer a large inventory of lens products, including same-day custom lenses.

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    Proudly Serving Miami since 1960

    Our goal at Midtown Miami Eye Center is to provide excellent eye care to the residents of Miami-Dade County. Our optometrists are specialized in eye exams, eye glasses, contact lenses, prescription exams, eye disease treatments, and much more.

    We Offer Same-Day Custom Lenses

    Midtown Miami Eye Center offers fast same-day lenses right at our office. We use the latest tools, technology, scratch resistent, UV coated, glare-free lenses and speed of manufacturing to provide you with your specific prescription lenses within hours of your exam.

    We Make It Easy For New Patients

    If you have scheduled an appointment, please make sure to bring your Insurance card and a personal form of ID such as social security number or drivers license with you. If you wear eyeglasses or contacts, Please bring your current or previous pair.

    We Offer The Latest Styles & Brands

    Save time and money with our huge selection of eyeglasses. We offer top eyewear brands including: Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Prada, Oakley, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Silhouette, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Tag Heuer and much more

    Midtown Miami Eye center Offers An All New No Drop Eye Exam!

    Optomap is recognized as a leading provider of devices to eyecare professionals for improved patient care. This machine helps uncover critical information and prevent vision loss, diagnosing your eyes in half a second with Optomap scan technology.

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